Health & Safety MANAGEMENT in the uk

Health and Safety Deliverables

CDM Plus LTD can supply a range of Health and Safety management support. We can...

  • Supply all legal compliance registers bespoke to client activities
  • Supply all client documentation to meet the legal compliance
  • Supply complete health & safety management systems as applied to client activities
  • Arrange for vessel health & safety inspections and confirm CMID or e-MID are in place and up to date
  • Provide health & safety templates for all dynamic documentation
  • Provide induction materials bespoke to client activities

Keeping up to date

Health & safety legal requirements change depending on a number of factors, whether due to category-specific issues affecting methods, materials, or workers or as a result of influences that affect how and where an employee can work, as well as health and safety considerations and requirements in relation to such changes.

At CDM Plus LTD, we can help you keep up to date with all aspects of CDM and health & safety legislation. Contact us today. Based in Glasgow we serve customers across the UK.

Chemical industrial manager and senior worker at petrochemical plant

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If you require training to help you manage construction work risks, our health & safety management specialists can help. Contact CDM Plus LTD